Drug Rehab Addiction Recovery

Drug Rehab Addiction and Recovery

Advanced recovery is considered to continue throughout one’s life. Recovery from addiction is a change in lifestyle that includes maintaining abstinence as well as involving oneself in healthy relationships; getting good nutrition, rest, and exercise; and working to resolve one’s personal problems with the goal of attaining a satisfying, fulfilling life. Having established this kind of lifestyle, the patient must now continue to lead it. In this model, recovery is a lifelong process.

Ideally, in this time-limited model, counseling is concluding at the point when the patient is entering advanced recovery. Theoretically, individual drug counseling is being terminated when the patient has established and maintained abstinence and been taught all the essential strategies for recovery and for living sober. At this point the patient is ready to have greater independence and self-accountability in recovery. Also, he or she should be ready to embark upon the higher level task of integrating recovery-oriented values into all aspects of life. Of course, in reality, patients will be terminating at different points in their recovery process, particularly when the counselor is working with a time-limited approach. In this model, tailoring the length of drug rehab treatment to the individual’s needs is not possible.

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