Drug Rehab Mission Statement

Drug Rehab Referral’s Mission

Team challenge drug rehab locations Referral was primarily founded to assist drug and/or alcohol addicted persons, and their families to become more educated on all aspects of addiction. We also strive to help get addicts and their loved ones connected with both drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, as well as recovery support groups across the nation. Drug Rehab Referral offers free referral to over 12,000 drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and also alcoholism treatment centers. Through 3rd party referral our site offers access to Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors as well as other treatment professionals who can assist you in establishing an intervention, finding the appropriate treatment, and also gaining admission to drug rehabilitation centers that fit your situation best.

Fill out the information form and one of our counselors will assist you in any way possible. Remember, the information is confidential and only shared with Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities that meet your specific needs.

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